About us


Essentia (e sen’ she ‘a)
The nature, spirit, essence of…

Yoga Essentia offers Yoga and Core Stability classes on the Northern Beaches at Warriewood Surf Club. Just minutes drive from Mona Vale, Narrabeen and Elanora Heights for beach-front yoga. Passionate, experienced teachers and smaller, realistic class sizes. Space to move and unlimited fresh ocean air. Personalised, energising and therapeutic yoga to have you feeling stronger and living with vitality.
Following the tradition of yoga as taught by Sri Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga, our experienced teachers strive to accommodate the needs of each individual, from complete beginners to practiced students.

We do not have a “one sequence for all” approach.
Yoga is accessible and beneficial to all people when taught responsibly and appropriately, when the students’ practice helps them to listen to themselves and find their own inner wisdom and strength.

We offer smaller group sizes and individual yoga therapy sessions, assess the needs of our students and modify postures to provide so you can consciously and safely build your skill in yoga.

The benefits of yoga include relief from pain, better strength and flexibility, coping better with stress and living with a deeper and calmer connection to breath, body, creativity and nature.

We look forward to improving your life from the mat.