Apr 11th

Classes over Easter at Yoga Essentia

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Easter Egg Images

Classes run as usual right up till Iza’s classes on Easter Thursday.

Good Friday- no classes

Easter Monday- no 10am  Iyengar class

                                          6pm Physio+Yoga Class is on

Easter Tuesday- no 10am Gentle Yoga class

                                                             6pm Happy Hips and Core with Iza is on

Wednesday 19th April our usual timetable resumes and runs till the end of school holidays.

Term 2 starts 1st May.

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Jan 13th

New Classes starting this week!

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Yoga Essentia starts our weekly schedule this Monday the 16th of January.
This year we have more classes and possibilities for your looking after your health, flexibility and strength than ever.
To encourage you to try our new classes, we’re offering ALL our students a special 3 class for $45 offer (valid 3 weeks) on our NEW classes.
So even if you’re one of our regular students, you’re getting a brand new class bonus.
Here’s a smorgasbord of new classes and teachers to bring energy and health to your life in 2017.

Sukkha Bike Yoga with Liz – Yoga for all cyclists that focusses on releasing & strengthening key areas.
Mondays 7:30 – 8:30pm

Strengthen & Stretch with Iza -
Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:30am

Vinyasa Flow with Iza
Wednesdays 6:00 – 7 :15pm

Yin Yoga with Iza
Wednesdays 7:30pm – 8:30pm

No Bookings required. $25 casual
/$200 10classes

Introductory special for all students
Try 3 classes for $45!!
(valid for 4 weeks from purchase)
Please contact Liz on 0405543263 with your enquiries and find out which classes would suit your needs and goals.
We also offer 1:1 yoga therapy which can sometimes help bridge between injury/treatment and return to regular classes.

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Nov 29th

Christmas Timetable

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Connect and Reset Photo

Our regular weekly classes are running till 22nd December. You’re welcome to join any class on timetable.

Donna’s January Yoga Intensive runs from the 9th-13th January.

We will recommence our 2017 timetable on the 12th January.

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Nov 29th

Christmas Party for our YE community on Tuesday 20th December 11:30am

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Christmas Tree

Join Donna’s last Gentle Yoga class for the year on Tuesday 20th December. It’s your perfect salve for this frenetic time of year as Donna leads you to find your inner quiet and wellbeing through gentle & powerful movement.

Following the class, we will have Christmas morning tea, with drinks and healthy gluten and sugar free snacks. You’re welcome to come along for the class or simply join us at about 11:20pm following the class.

Bring your swimmers too if it’s a warm day and we might even jump in at Warriewood Beach!

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Nov 8th

January Summer Yoga Intensive

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with Donna Gianniotis
5 mornings 7 – 8am | 9 – 13th January 2017
Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club
Cost $100


The start of a new year marks the beginning of a new cycle, an opportunity to make choices that will support you into the year ahead.
Join Donna for this popular 5 morning Summer Yoga intensive. Committing to a daily early morning practice throughout this week will support you to make self-loving choices to become your new ‘normal’ as you head into 2017.

Over the five mornings we will develop and then deepen a connection to our body that is honouring and then strengthen and stretch from the inner to the out. In these classes we learn to establish a loving connection with our body which then becomes part of our foundation from which we carry into our daily lives. This intensive is open to all levels including beginners.

The classes will include:

Reconnecting to your inner-most
Moving the body in connection
Stretching and strengthening the body
Gentle breathing
Investment: $100

Bookings essential. 
or phone 0408 783187

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Sep 27th

October Long Weekend Classes

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Time to turn the clocks forward an hour!
We still have our classes running on Monday October 3rd, the first day of daylight savings.
Iyengar yoga at 10am with Fransiska
Physioyoga at 6pm with Liz

Sunday looks like we could have beach weather, hope you get out there and have a fabulous long weekend <3.

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Sep 27th

Sukha Bike Yoga: On why you need to learn to release your breath.

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For a long time, people believed that the ribcage was like a stiff, static barrel. Maybe you feel that way about yours, but really, I hope not! A much more useful ( and body-friendly) way of relating to your rib- basket is that its a bit like a mobile, dynamic stack of rings that functions more like a slinky or a spring. Imbalances between muscles around the ribs are super common amongst bike riders and these can lock down and restrict the full natural movement of our ribs. When we’re riding we use abdominals, pectoral muscles and lats to steady and support us over the bars. Spend hours in the saddle without releasing the chest and arms in the opposite direction afterwards and the connective tissues remember the position your challenged it in- you become tighter in your shoulders and chest unless you release those tissues.
Your breath is your best friend for releasing the chest region.The 136 joints in the thoracic region exist to give your breath space and power.
Through warming up, moving and releasing the connective tissues of the chest area, the joints of the chest can do their job better.
Your diaphragm, the key muscle of power in your body is freed up to make every breath you take more efficient. Your breath feels more free, your shoulders feel better, and you’ll feel the power of your body on hill climbs as you get over the bike more easily and for longer before fatigue sets in. Becoming more aware of our breathing helps set us up with an open chest and great alignment for weights and whatever other training you do- in fact alignment becomes less of an issue when you breath into a more symmetrical, balanced rib- basket because your breath shape is able to adapt better to maintain length and stability right through your centre or “ core”.
Dynamic yoga that over challenges your breath doesn’t allow you the time to feel, or truly release your breathing, especially those tight, persistent spots around your shoulders that really need your time and mental attention to let go.
Bike yoga isn’t gym yoga- we use the tools of yoga, breath awareness, asana and awareness in sequences and practices especially for riders, by a yoga teacher/physiotherapist who rides.

Come to Sukha Bike Yoga at 7:30- 8:30pm every Monday for a practice that will free your breath. Your body will love you for it.

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Aug 10th

Divine Feminine September 10-11th

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Yoga connects us to bring awareness and understanding of our true nature, which is why I’m choosing to share an open letter to women from Trina Bawden Smith, whose Divine Feminine events I am finding increasingly relevant and precious for women today. Feminine power is often suppressed and divided, this is undeniable- look at the world around us. Women have always shared wisdom by coming together and talking. We evolve, we heal through connection.
We also gather power.
So I’d be really pleased if, by sharing this event, some more women are inspired to join the event. Last year i regretted not bringing friends and family. The speaker line up this year promises to be similarly inspiring, so do it, commit a few days to connecting with other women and reminding ourselves what is truly important.

Dear Women,

I hope you are well.

In a few weeks women will be gathering together at Divine Feminine. Please join us!

So often we focus on light and love and chose to ignore the shadow. Yet for us to be truly whole, we must integrate the dark. The dark feminine teaches us how to fiercely speak our truth, find our inner authority, and strengthen our boundaries.

At Divine Feminine, seasoned psychotherapist, relationship counsellor, soul life coach, teacher of women’s psychology and spirituality, and author of international best-seller Puberty Girl, Shushann Movsessian will present The Kiss of Kali – The Transformative Power of the Dark Feminine. The Dark Feminine helps us bring to light those parts of us that are in shadow that we need to integrate so we can live out the power and potential of our wholeness.

The dark feminine is radiant, she is the dark comfort of the womb, she is generative, fecund, passionate, fierce, just and full of life.

Kali is the Dark Goddess not just in Hindu mythology but as an archetype of mother in the world. She is the awakening of the evolution of feminine consciousness happening around the planet today. Kali is called the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. Kali helps us transform and be free of those fears and ‘inner demons’ that limit our full potential. Transformation requires nothing more than a shift in perception, releasing things that block or limit our growth.

Kali’s gift is freedom to realise the fullness of our being and the fullness of our potential. Opening to the power of the dark feminine allows us to look at our lives in a way that empowers us rather than disempowers us. She wakes us up to those disavowed aspects of ourselves that many of us tend to push down and don’t identify with or can more readily see in others. There is no greater love than the one that allows us to shine a light on the aspects of ourselves that we have judged and made wrong and have kept in the dark.

At Divine Feminine, you will learn to identify and release your limiting beliefs and inner judgements so you can step into your inner authority and creative expression and you will experience a guided exercise that takes us on a journey of connection with the dark goddess in our own empowerment and creative expression.

This is what Mandy from Queensland wrote after attending Divine Feminine last year – “If you can only do one thing for yourself, attend Divine Feminine. It has the potential to change your life. Simply being at the event is transformational . Trust your intuition and show up for yourself – I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Booking and more information
Truly hope to see you there!

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Jun 11th

Long Weekend Classes

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This June Long Weekend is an opportunity to relax re-balance and make an investment in your wellbeing.
To help you make the most of the extra time out, we are running two of our usual classes this Monday.

Iyengar 10am with Franziska
PhysioYoga 6pm with Liz

Stay safe and well!

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May 23rd

Yoga Therapy Classes in North Sydney
Making yoga available to everyone.

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Do you need yoga to help recover from injuries and old problems, but you didn’t feel safe in the yoga classes you’ve tried?
Yoga can be safe for everyone in the right environment. The key to life-changing yoga is finding a class and teacher supportive and right for you.
Breathing and moving better is available to everyone. We help people learn to release stress from their body and mind.

hands in mudra
Experience the difference of yoga therapist and physiotherapist led yoga classes where attention is paid to your body in each posture, in a small group class with a maximum of 8 people. These classes are especially suitable for beginners and older adults too.
Our yoga space is calm and un-intimidating, no bright lights, no mirrors and no ” being out of place”.
We don’t push our students beyond their limits, we encourage mindful pain-free movements and awareness of the body, which studies have shown to be more beneficial in management of injuries and return to quality of life.

6 week courses in North Sydney at Physio Body and Sole 9 Myrtle St North Sydney.
7-8am Tuesdays
6 week course $180. Casual classes are available on request.
For bookings and enquiries on these classes, call reception at Physio Body and Sole on 90998087 or email
More details here

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