Sep 3rd

New Mysore Style Sunrise Classes

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Sunrise Yoga with Debbie Gilligan
Mondays and Wednesdays 6-7:30am
This is an Ashtanga style class.
Arrive between 6 and 6.30am to start your practice, practice space closes at 7.30am.
No prior knowledge of yoga is required.
 You will be instructed individually and taught 1 posture at a time in a specific sequence, empowering you to remember the postures and work at your own pace.
 Your practice will build one step at a time as your body unfolds and you are ready for the next posture according to your individual requirements.
 The practice emphasises movement with breath, this creates heat in the body which ignites the bodies natural ability to detoxify on a mental, physical and emotional level.
 Over time, through regular practice you will experience benefits such as strength, flexibility and a sharp mind.
Your body will have fewer aches an pains as well as improved circulation/immunity and a calm nervous system, all resulting in improved quality of life.
‘Do your practice and all is coming – Sri K Pattabhi Jois (Guruji)’
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Aug 5th

Spring Backbends and Seasonal Ayurveda Workshop

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A Spring Backbend Workshop delivered with Ayurvedic seasonal wisdom

10-1pm Sunday November 11th at Therapy Works

Join Liz Bennett as we awaken our bodies into the joyful expression of Spring.

We’ll explore the anatomical safety  and technique pointers to really help you bring deeper strength and purpose to your back-bending postures, for all levels of experience.

Our daily life, the  cold of winter, too long sitting at a desk.. shake it all off and open your shoulders, spine and your heart with us!

A juicy 1.5 hour practice to lift and open- backbends are our favourites!

We’ll serve a delicious Ayurvedic snack and gather after our practice to discuss Ayurvedic elements and constitutional assessment, share Spring Ayurvedic lifestyle principles for each body type/constitution and provide you with some recipes and shopping lists to take home for your new, more balanced relationship to nourishment in awareness of nature.

$90 per person.Bookings essential:  or call 0405543263

Workshop held at Therapy Works, 367 Barrenjoey Road Newport Beach.



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Jun 8th

Winter Workshop: Ayurveda and Arm Balances

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Enjoy a fun, nurturing and strengthening Winter yoga event with us.


Learn techniques and variation of arm balance and discover how these poses benefit body and mind.
Practical anatomy learnings to progress safely.


1.5 hour Yoga class
Ayurvedic afternoon tea.
Liz and Debbie share seasonal Ayurvedic wisdom and nutritional science for strong digestion and healthy body tissues.
Enhance your energy this winter from your home, your kitchen and your mat.


$95/ bookings essential 0405543263


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Jun 7th

Long Weekend Classes

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Our yoga classes will be running as usual this Monday.

Iyengar Yoga at the special time of 9:15am with Franziska.

Physio Flow 6pm with Liz

Wishing you all a lovely, deeply restful long weekend.


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May 16th

Seasonal Asana Ayurveda and Anatomy Workshops 2018

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YE Seasonal Vedic workshop Digital v1

Introducing  short continuing education courses for yoga teachers and practitioners,  bringing together asana, relevant functional anatomy and Ayurveda to help up level your year-round health and deepen your practice.

Ayurvedic techniques and rituals are often surprisingly simple yet profound.

Understand the principles behind them and a deeper awareness of nature is tapped into. 

Adhering to suitable practices around nutrition lifestyle and yoga can really make a huge difference to your vitality and smooth out the road bumps of life.

What’s more, Ayurveda can be woven into our yoga practice and yoga teaching to enhance the benefits of the practice and awaken shifts in awareness, triggering positive changes in our lifestyle  habits and relationship with ourselves.


Workshop 1


May 19th 1:30-5pm 

with Liz Bennett and Valli Simpson


Workshop 2 

Winter:Arm Balances 

June 23rd 1:30-5pm

with Debbie Gilligan and Liz Bennett


Workshop 3 

Summer:Living from your Heart- Backbends and Heart Openers

November 11th 10am – 1pm

with  Liz Bennett


Workshop 4  

Spring:Healthy Hips, Strong Core and Legs

with Katie Dutton and Liz Bennett


$90 each. Book 2 of these workshops for $160.

Or email 0405543263


What to expect

Introduction and Embodied Anatomy Class

Techniques, benefits and physiology of seasonal asana for health and wellbeing. Anatomy learnings for deepening your practice/ teaching safely and effectively.
1.5 hour Yoga class

Ayurveda and Yogic Living Talk

Discussion with Ayurvedic afternoon tea- Ayurvedic wisdom, rituals and recipes for the season.
Ways to enhance life from your home, your kitchen and your mat.

Namaste and Metta

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Apr 26th

Seasonal Ayurveda and Yogasana Workshop
Autumn to Winter
Saturday 19th May 1:30-5:30pm

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Discover the benefits of seasonal postures and ayurvedic routines for health and wellbeing.
Learn how inversions can help your physiology, improve digestion and immunity and calm your state of mind for better sleep.

1:30 – 2:15pm
Learn about the physiological effects of shoulder stand, headstand and viparita karani.
Learn how and why inverted postures can help your breathing, digestion and immunity and state of mind.
Learn how to practice shoulder stand for a sound night’s sleep.

2:15 – 3:45pm
1.5 hour Yoga class.

Let senior teachers Liz and Valli guide you through a flowing vinyasa sequence to prepare your for new possibilities in your inversion practice.
Increase your understanding, strength and balance through an exploration of the anatomical principles which make your inversions safer and more effective.
With strong foundations in alignment and breath you will progress with confidence from supported toward unsupported postures including shoulder stand and headstand.

Suitable for all levels of experience with inversion poses.

3:45 – 5pm
Share an Ayurvedic afternoon tea

Discussion: Self-care for Autumn- Winter
Simple and seasonal Ayurvedic routines and recipes that enhance life from your home, your kitchen and your mat.
Learn specific daily and nightly practices for the seasons through the Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions.
After identifying your ayurvedic body-mind constitution, you will learn:
Morning and evening self-care specific to your constitution
Daily habits for better digestion, sleep, physical and mental wellbeing

5 – 5:30pm
We will complete our workshop with yoga nidra for deep weekend relaxation.

Therapy Works: Upstairs @ 367 Barrenjoey Rd Newport
$95 Includes an Ayurvedic afternoon tea, workshop handouts and recipes.

Bookings essential.

Liz Bennett 0405 543253 :
Valli Simpson 0417 400612 :

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Apr 24th


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Drop in for practice on Anzac Day at 9:30 – 10:15am.

This is the only class to be held at Yoga Essentia tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Mar 28th

A Balanced Practice Yoga Teacher Training
Introduction and free yoga class
Sunday May 20th 9-10:30am

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Do you want to teach yoga? Is this the year for a life changing training?

Take your next step and join “Teaching a Balanced Practice” 350 hour Yoga Teacher training,
delivered by Physiotherapist and Senior Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist, Liz Bennett and Senior Teacher, YogaBellingen director, Amelia Disspain.

Our weekend intensive modules are based at Therapy Works from July 2018 – January 2019
with a 2 week Bali Immersion in September.
Accredited with Yoga Australia as a Level 1 350 hour yoga teacher training.
The weekend intensives can be attended as stand alone trainings for those doing the course to deeper their personal practice.
The Bali Immersion can also be attended as a 150 hour training.

Not sure how to make it happen? We’ll do our best to make the course flexible to your needs.

Come along to an information session and free yoga class at 9am on Sunday May 20th at Therapy Works
Upstairs at 367 Barrenjoey Road Newport Beach.

Email liz@yogaessentia or book with Therapy Works reception on 99995544.
Download your course outline PDF.

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Mar 28th

Easter Holiday Classes

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Wishing you a mellow, relaxing Easter.
It’s a great time to stay home and enjoy the beautiful beaches and local environments we have around us everyday but don’t always have time to be energetically within.
If the sunrise and sunsets are anything as beautiful as they have been this week, then we are in for a treat.

We have a reduced timetable over Easter.

Our Sunrise Class will run as usual on Good Friday morning at the easy time of 7:00 – 8:00 am.
Easter Monday Vinyasa Flow with Liz will be on at 6:00 – 7:10 pm

There will be no Hatha Flow class on Thursday evening at 5:30pm.
There will be no Iyengar class on Monday morning at 10am or Dynamic Vinyasa yoga Monday evening at 7:30pm.

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Dec 20th

January Timetable

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Classes over January

Enjoy your time out and do some yoga everyday.
Some quiet deep breathing, a yoga nidra, a sun salutation sequence can all change the quality you bring to your own experience. Play and practice your yoga,for being in connection with ourselves is our natural state.


10am Iyengar Yoga with Fransiska resumes 22nd January
3:45/ 4:30pm Kids Yoga with Liz resumes February 5th
6pm Physio Flow with Liz resumed 8th January
7:30pm Dynamic Flow ( Astanga) with Debbie resumes 15th January


6:30am Strengthen and Stretch with Valli resumes 23rd January
10am Gentle Yoga with Donna resumed 9th January
6pm Sukha Bike Yoga with Liz resumed 9th January
7:15pm Mens Flexibility and Strength resumes 23rd January


6:30am Sunrise Yoga with Debbie resumes 17th January
9:30am Ageless Yoga with Liz resumed 10th January


9:30 Seasonal Hatha with Katie resumed 11th January


7 am Sunrise Yoga with Liz resumes 19th January

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