Children’s Yoga New

3:45-4:30pm 5-9 years

4:30-5:15pm 9-12 years


Monday 5th January- 9th April 10 week term $200

“Children are already ‘Yoga’ they are naturally connected to themselves.
Therefore a yoga class for children is purely a space that supports every child to be in that connection”

Our Kids Yoga classes promote compassionate self awareness and well being for kids of all ages through yoga poses, breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Help your child to build their own body strength, awareness, balance and self-care in a nurturing and non-competitive environment through yoga.

Classes typically include: a theme set at the beginning of class; relaxation , breath awareness;  warm ups to prepare the body and mind including some group games and activities; yoga poses to build strength and confidence, flexibility, balance, and concentration and meditation.


To book call Liz on 0405543263 or email