Meditation and Breathing Class
Tuesday May 2nd- 6th June 7:15-8:15pm New

Book for the 6 week course- $120/ or come for a casual class $25/ 10 class card


Learn to meditate and discover how your breathing and your nervous system health can transform with the tools of yoga. Feel the immediate benefits of reducing stress.

Meditation has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure and improve sleep and mental focus.

Taking you beyond the postures, Valli shares her passion for meditation and pranayama breathing practices in this 6 week course for all levels.

‘After a hectic day from work and family commitments, it was a great sense of ‘self-care’ to treat myself to an hour of meditation away from all the noise and craziness to let my mind and body become calm, peaceful and grounded. The conscious breathing helped to quiet all the voices in my head that constantly have me everywhere and anywhere but in the present moment, and for that I am grateful. Meditation helps me to focus on living in the present moment (even if only for an hour), where fear and anger do not exist but instead happiness and  gratitude do; and I feel that if I can live there as often as possible, then I become a better parent, partner, friend, work colleague and overall contributing member in our society.’ Student, term 1 2017.