Ageless Yoga

Wednesdays 9:30 am – 10:45 am

Join the next online class this Wednesday 31st March  here:

A gently paced weekly morning yoga session for people who want physical strength, health and flexibility without doing strenuous sequences of postures. Based on classical hatha yoga and informed by physiotherapy and modern yoga therapy, these classes are suitable for regular yoga practitioners as well as people new to yoga.

After a very long absence from yoga (36 years) I decided to take it up again. I joined Liz’s class for over 40’s. Am absolutely loving it…. the location couldn’t be more perfect. We practice yoga looking out over the surf as it crashes onto Warriewood Beach! No need for music…. Sound of the surf is beautiful. The classes are small and intimate which gives us the chance to get individual attention when practicing the various poses. Since joining 6 months ago I notice my strength and flexibility have improved under the sensitive teaching of Liz.

To book, call 0405 543 263, email or use the contact form.