A Balanced Practice Vinyasa

Mondays 6:00pm -7:15pm

Join us online for MONDAY NIGHT’s class here https://zoom.us/j/949987016

Liz’s A Balanced Practice Yoga classes give students the tools to evolve not only their asana practice but to cultivate insight into the heart of the yoga tradition.  Rather than a set system, A Balanced Practice  is an interweaving of different perspectives which helps to keep the body and mind fluid and adaptable to change. These classes encourage students to open the physical sheaths of the body, witness thought patterns and develop a great capacity to sense and feel.

A Balanced Practice Yoga classes are intelligent, innovative classes that are powerful and therapeutically balanced, blending yogic philosophy and insight into the energetic body with the subtle or “secret” tools of yoga . These classes offer each student an integrated , peaceful and expansive inner experience of breath, body and mind, cultivating vibrant mental and physical health.

Suitable for people with back/neck pain and recovering from injury and those wanting to improve their health and stress levels. Beginners are welcome.

For enquiries, call 0405 543 263, email liz@yogaessentia.com.au or use the contact form.