Mid-Summer Yin Yoga

Wednesdays 7:30-9:00pm 

Leah’s Yin Yoga classes are 90 mins of pure healing nourishment. Lay out your mat opposite the ocean and let time slow down. By moon and candlelight, Leah guides you deeply into your physical body through releases of your fascia (your connective tissue) with long held mild poses, intended to allow your body and breath to let go of tension, elongate and ease. Long held stretches are particular good for sports people and those with joint tightness or inflammation. If you’re not sure about trying Yin, just ask Liz or Leah and they can tell you about it’s scientific benefits!
Every Yin Class is mindfully sequenced around the Chinese Medicine meridian lines, making connection to particular organs and energy centres, releasing, renewing and moving stagnant energy (chi) to improve your organ function, physical mobility and vitality.
Yin yoga helps you harness the essence of emotions and settle into mental clarity within the stillness and slowness of the practice.
Leah is a Reiki practitioner and body worker and her (and optional) hands on assists are not short of amazing!

No experience is necessary yin is great for all ages, all sizes and anyone who wants to feel nourished, calm and released.
Yin is a great gateway into meditation for those who don’t “sit”.

Enquiries Leah Sizeland on 0410393597.