Retreat food philosophy; our chef Joki.




As the chef on the Total Escape Retreat, I have a beautiful opportunity to hold the retreat with food that supports and deeply nourishes the participants, supports the practices on offer and that educates and inspires. It really does feel a privilege to cook for people in this environment.

Learning to listen to my body and its needs so I can help others do the same was an act of self -love. Since the first yoga class I have been a dedicated practitioner of yoga, trained to teach others. This has completely transformed my diet and eating habits & the reason I became a holistic chef and started cooking for retreats. I have become a food educator, made friends with nature and learnt how to finally prioritise taking care of me instead of the person I think other people want me to be.

My drive and motivation comes from this experience. My passion comes from feeling like I stumbled by chance upon the most valuable information I have ever come across in life, and feeling deeply that this should be basic schooling and home education for all. I come across many people feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the choices and contradictory information out there, and it is my  intention not to add to this overload. There are enough food blogs , cook books and yoga websites full of contradictory information.

I am fuelled by the outrage I feel around the culture of brainwashing, misleading advice, corruption and the big businesses behind our most basic needs- this to me is unacceptable and it is my mission to share through my work how can we live free from this influence. Food should be connected to nature, by listening to nature, we learn to listen to our bodies, it is that simple. Together, as we make wise choices for our health and the Planet, I believe we can change the course of the path we have been set upon and leave a more sustainable and natural legacy for our children and future generations.

Through every job that I do and every person that I come across, there is always something more to learn. I love learning and feel blessed for my work being an extension of my Life and all that I feel so passionately about… I hope to meet and connect with many more of you, share with you and learn from you.

Love Joki x