Sukha Bike Yoga

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Sukha Bike Yoga with Liz Bennett is designed to give you a better riding experience through flexibility, recovery and injury prevention.

Utilising Liz’s deep understanding of yoga, physiotherapy and years of riding bikes,  the sessions work on your flexibility, stability and muscle control. We cover the elements you need to recover from muscle and joint stiffness on the trails and after you shred.

Benefits of Yoga for riders:

Eliminate muscle soreness and stiffness after your weekend rides

Recover faster and more easily.

Improve your balance, endurance and range of movement

Progress your riding skills with better mind-body awareness

Reduce or prevent hip, shoulder and lower back problems

Recover faster from falls and heavy landings with less need for treatment

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Sukha Bike Yoga works on your stability and muscle control, particularly on the back, core, hips and shoulders, all the elements you need to ride faster and stronger on your bike plus avoid injury. Hamstrings and hips are safely lengthened, while the ribs, neck and shoulders are decompressed from hours flexed over the bars.Read about how important happy ribs are for riders here

You’ll breathe, move and perform better on your bike.

By the way, you don’t need previous yoga experience or flexibility to join or benefit from these classes- we know that flexibility isn’t always high on a cyclists’ priorities and this class is designed to be effective as it is enjoyable!

You will be taught routines for before and after your ride, and some really useful home-practices for throughout the week, too.

Hi Liz,
I have really found your sukha bike yoga classes to be beneficial to me. Since starting your classes my hamstring flexibility has noticeably improved, I’ve eliminated mid back discomfort caused by sitting at a computer most of the day and generally my body feels more flexible.

Dave September 2016