Nadia Kudiarskyj


Nadia is a caring, confident and creative woman who holds a strong presence and ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds. She works as a Presenter, Autism Educator and Yoga and Movement teacher, with over 20 years experience in health, fitness, education, youth, children, disability and community services. Expertise in presenting and facilitating workshops on many topics from self-care, wellbeing, understanding behavior, yoga, exercise, meditation, and body awareness, to providing support groups and mentoring for many professionals in educational or supporting roles.

The focus of Nadia’s yoga classes is to increase body awareness through movement and mediation. This is what offers an opening door to true healing of a person’s health and wellbeing. Empowering individuals to do it for themselves through connecting with their own bodies.

‘When you have a good awareness of your body you are able to be more precise in making choices that will support you in taking care of yourself. With that choice you have the opportunity to feel more vital and bring more harmony to all aspects of your life’

Nadia teaches Yoga for Children on Monday afternoons during school term at Yoga Essentia.