Jan 22nd

Timetable for the Week from Monday 20 January

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We’re enjoying the blue skies again at the surf club this week. Stay mindful and move with more ease and grounded-ness- we still have lots of classes on offer!


6:00pm   Balanced Practice Flow with Liz



10:00am Gentle Yoga with Donna  1-2

6:00pm Sports Recovery Yoga with Ana  1-2



9:30am   Ageless Yoga with Liz  1-2

11:00am   Beginners Yoga with Liz  1

7:30pm   Yin Yoga with Leah  1




7-8:00am   Balanced Practice Flow with Liz  1-3



7-8am   Balanced Practice Flow with Liz

  • for WSLSC members only  1-3


Suitable for students new to yoga postures and new to movement with breath awareness

Suitable for beginners as well as students familiar with yoga postures and breath awareness

Suitable for students with experience at practicing yoga and listening to their own needs, breath control and posture modifications within a group class.

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