Feb 7th

Yoga for Breast Cancer

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Yoga is the practice of connecting to the innate preciousness, tenderness, beauty and stillness that we already are and resides within us all.

Yoga for breast cancer is about re learning as a woman how to connect to our inner beauty and to the stillness – to live a true life of joy and harmony.

As women, could it be that we have moved so far away from the essence of who we are, that we have forgotten how to tend and nurture ourselves – that we have forgotten who we really are?

Perhaps we have got caught up in the midst of life. We may have identified ourselves through the roles we play such as; the mother where the children come first no matter what, the friend who is always there to support others, the wife who cares for the family but not herself, the career woman who needs to prove to the world that she is as good as any man – just a few examples.

Could it be that we have forgotten that we are delicious, we are tender, we are beautiful?

Could the roles we play, stop us from feeling who we really are?

Stillness is an energetic quality that we can all connect with and that is inside of us all (both men and women), it resides in the inner-heart.

Stillness is an energetic quality where there is a deep sense of connection with self where there is no doing, just a sense of being – like there is no ‘need’ to do anything. Within this, lies a quietude – harmony within and contentment without any lack or need.  Once this energetic stillness is felt, it is a matter of taking this quality into all that is done (taking stillness into motion).

To re connect, requires us to work through the hurts that we hold onto by allowing ourselves to stop and feel what is really going on. These hurts, which we identify with, are what stop us from feeling the essence of who we truly are.

This cannot be done through the mind. It can only be done by making the choice to feel your body and develop a connection with your body moment to moment that is gentle, loving and tender.

When the mind and body are with each other in whatever activity you are doing, you are practising conscious presence.  For example, when you walk, you are with your body through feeling your body, when you sit at your computer and type, you still have an awareness of your body as your fingers tap at the keys. When conscious presence is developed and stillness is the energetic quality that we live from, this is yoga (union).

Conscious presence can be developed through making the choice to bring the qualities of gentleness and tenderness into all that you do.

If we took the time to stop and feel, we may notice that there could be anxiousness in the body or a quality of raciness that stems from living in a way where we are rushing around with too much to do, pleasing others, putting everyone else before ourselves. Perhaps we have been caught up in thinking that this is what makes a “good woman, a good mother, a good friend or wife”.

 What if as women, we put how we are moment to moment and the quality of energy that we live in as the most important thing? Would this not change how we live? Would this not allow us to make self loving choices that support us? And as we learn to truly support ourselves, would this then not allow us to naturally support others?

Could this quality of living be true yoga for breast cancer?

 Yoga for breast cancer is about re connecting back to who we really are. When this is developed and we live from this place of the inner-heart, we are then living in yoga.

 Donna Gianniotis offer Yoga, Meditation, Counselling and Esoteric Healing Cancer Support sessions to assist people through cancer at her Narrabeen and Balmain Clinics. For more information Contact Us. Other related articles My Unfolding to Understanding the Root Cause of Breast CancerMy Reflections – 5 years from Breast CancerTop 5 Tips to Support you through Chemotherapy

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