Yoga Therapy

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What is yoga therapy?
Yoga therapy is usually taught one-on-one, similar to the way traditional yoga is taught in India.

Yoga therapy with Liz Bennett combines traditional yoga principles with specific biomedical knowledge and assessment skills from physiotherapy.
In a one on one consultation, Liz will discuss what you would like from a yoga therapy program, assess your needs and develop a personal program for you. A personalised practice can be as long or short as fits your life.
Yoga therapy equips you with tools that provide noticeable change to your state of mind and body.
You will be able to better self manage the symptoms of a range of illness and conditions, from sports injuries to chronic pain. Your personal yoga practice will help you improve your sporting performance or get the strength and flexibility you need to work and play.
Yoga Therapy is much more specific to your body and lifestyle than a general yoga “class”. You will realise greater potential and wellbeing in your body, mind and breath.

Your program is likely to include a sequence of physical postures or therapeutic exercises, and breath work or meditation techniques. Liz will teach, adjust and modify the sequence with you, with particular attention to posture, safety, mindfulness and breath.
Once you are familiar and effective with the program, you can then continue this practising in your home, in further sessions with your yoga therapist, and apply the principles you learn in group classes you go to.

Yoga therapy classes will help you understand and manage your body better. Yoga will improve your posture and breathing and help the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and nervous systems function more smoothly – meaning you’ll suffer less physical pain and experience a better quality of life.